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and Staff Members

Community and Staff Members

Maria GRENTNER, director, further responsible for house maintenance and guest service
Hans WALTERSDORFER, assistant director, theologian, responsible for liturgy and public relations

Colette BRUN, responsible for the areas “community”, “guests” and "refugees"
Ingrid FRUHMANN, chef de cuisine
Grete GRASMUGG, responsible for administration and accounting, public relations and guests service
Monika GRASMUGG, cook
Gerhard GRINSCHGL, administration and accounting
Verena HANIFL-EDEBHAGBA, responsible for organization of seminars, guest-groups, public relations and supervision
Fr. Sascha HEINZE SAC, Pallotine friar, priest and minister
Manfred KAMPER, meditation and hiking
Monika KHALIL, cook
Christine KÜGERL, house maintenance and shop
Anton LADENHAUF, office and technical support
Fr. Karl MADERNER, OFM, Franciscan friar, priest and minister
Hedi MISLIK, responsible for seminar organization, head of the charity project “sponsorship and support of children in Romania”
Sarah RUTHOFER, public relations and youth ministry
Sabine SANDER, public relations and youth ministry
Anita ZÖHRER, community member

The fundamentals of every Christian community

“When we are dreaming alone, it remains merely a dream, when we are dreaming the same dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality”

The House of Stillness wants to offer a place where Christian life can flurish. We live with a pronounced love of the world in the here and now. We see it as our duty to reconsider all laws coming from governments and churches (including our Roman Catholic Church) with respect to the Gospel. Everyone who does this will quickly notice that some of these rulings are inconsistent with the Gospel.

We want to develop our Christian life in a specific manner. Our approach is to devote ourselves particularly to meditation and working with youth.

As a Christian community we are committed to the following:

- living as a community
- celebration, proclamation, and living of our faith
- support of the poor