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Living one year in a different way…

… in the community of the House of Stillness

  • You want to learn or improve your German and at the same time expand your social competence by living in a community with people from different cultures, ages, and backgrounds by practicing teamwork and by taking on responsibility
  • You want to use or improve your practical experience or your mechanical skills
  • You want to advance your personal development
  • You want to organize a sabbatical year in a versatile way

Go a part of your way with us, if it is right for you!

We invite you...

  • to live in a different way
  • to seek God’s presence in your life and in the world
  • to open your mind
  • to live in a community
  • to get involved and to let go of the burdens of everyday life

We invite particularly youth and young adults between the age of 18 and 35 years to live, work, and pray one year in our community.

We are...

We are a multifarious community of women and men from different countries, of different ages, with different ways of life. In the House of Stillness we are united by a common vision.
Silence, meditation, St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, and the Holy Bible are important for our life.

We share....

  • the vision of a holistic personhood in a more fair and safer world
  • the vision to grow steadily in our love for God, for our fellows, and for ourselves
  • the yearning to live life more abundantly (John 10,10)

Your motivation could be...

  • you need space for yourself and your questions
  • you are searching for direction in your life
  • you want to live more consciously
  • you seek God
  • you want to find out more about your abilities and constraints
  • you would like to allow yourself a retreat
  • etc.

Lived faith

You can show your faith in the minutest details of everyday occurrences. We want to offer you a place, kind of a laboratory of faith, where your beliefs can grow and flourish, and where you can indulge in a yearning for a life of abundance and profoundness. We want to give you space to find to yourself and to reinvent yourself. You can prepare the Liturgy with us, and we can give new approaches a chance. We want to search for God in personal and common prayers and in the divine service and we want to express our faith in the today’s world.
”God is there for us, here and now”

Simple lifestyle

Inspired by Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi we try to live a simple lifestyle. The existence of poverty in the world and in the vicinity always causes us to question the way we are living. For us, living a simple lifestyle means living responsibly – taking responsibly for ourselves, for humankind, and for the environment. We ask you to examine your own lifestyle, to concentrate on the essential, and to deal with time and money in a sensible way.

Living in a community

Living in a community means taking on responsibility. Community life requires a positive attitude, regardfulness towards one another, willingness to listen to each other, but also the directness to speak about tensions and difficulties. For living in a community it is also good to be able to live responsibly alone, that is to be able to endure oneself in solitude.

Our offers

  • we share our life and faith experiences
  • we offer you the possibility of one-on-one talks where you can speak about your personal questions and your own life’s path
  • you can attend the seminars of the House of Stillness
  • you can allow yourself days of silence
  • you can go on a retreat to spend time praying


  • live 10 - 12 month with us, beginning October 1st
  • first, live 14 days with us – to test
  • 4 hours of work daily for board and lodging (if you need it, we contract social and health insurance)
  • work in all areas that occur in a guesthouse
  • our motto: „Do what you like to do and what you are good at and show your vocation, but also do what costs you quite an effort to broaden your horizon”.

Our experience shows that living in a community and an intense time in silence require a certain mental strength.


Colette Brun: colette@haus-der-stille.at