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„There is a time for everything“

Also for you there is a time…

…a time to break out of the routine and to go on a retreat.

„Burnout: the fire and the energy are completely gone; it is even difficult to manage the daily routine. Everything seems heavy and hopeless. It’s hard to find a reason to stand up in the morning. Where has all the energy gone, which we had before in abundance? Where has all the fire gone, the fire of enthusiasm? Instead, emptiness and heaviness are spreading ...” writes the psychotherapist Hans Neuhold. Nearly everybody knows forms of burnout from their own experience. It is a phenomenon that many people are familiar with, at least temporarily. Relationships become difficult, your job is not satisfying, and you also need a new perspective in your religious and ethical values. The reasons for going on a retreat are varied. Many people realize for the first time during the retreat how much they have needed renewal for their body and their soul. Experience shows that the House of Stillness is a good place for people who come before they reach their own limits. Often they are persons who have stopped advancing in their job and who have lost enthusiasm for it. Please consider that the House of Stillness is not a medical institution and has no therapeutic options. But after therapy it is an ideal place to start your new life.

From one month to one year. Our experience shows that three to four months is a good period for such a retreat. Before we make a decision, come and stay a few days with us.

- humble rooms with a sink
- toilets and showers on each floor
- Two rooms with toilet and shower, for guests with handicaps

Financial agreement:
€ 780 for the first month plus one hour of daily work in the house / garden. Better financial rates are available for a longer retreat, in combination with an adequate service contribution. (Anyway, money should not be the problem - we won’t let financial barriers stop you.)

… a time to live

You can

– get away from daily duties and constraints
– release what weighs you down
– reconsider your relationships
– find new strength inside
– become aware of your strengths and weaknesses
– open your mind to new things

...a time, where you can simply be yourself

...a time, where you can simply be yourself

You can bring along

- your desire for a life of abundance
- your tiredness
- your relationships, both successful and difficult
- your disappointments from family or job
- your uniqueness

You can be as you are!

- You need not to show how good you are
- You need not reveal your failures
- You will find people to talk to, but you can also keep silent – do what is best for you
- You can take part in our community and spiritual life

You can simply be yourself!

What you can find here:

  • a lot of spare time for recreation and reflection
  • a beautiful surrounding for long promenades
  • common prayer- and dining times
  • psychological and spiritual coaching
  • Bible workshops and a common preparation of the liturgy
  • physical exercises (stretching) twice a week
  • potential to attend seminars offered by the House of Stillness
  • the possibility of reading books unhurriedly
  • the possibility of regaining vitality and enjoyment as well as recognition by doing simple jobs in the house
  • and a lot more!


  • Readiness for solitude and silence as well as for participation in a community
  • Readiness to accept the structures of the House of Stillness


Fr. Karl Maderner: